Inspection tools

Step-by-step guidance for planning of environmental inspections fulfilling the minimum criteria for environmental inspections (RMCEI)

In 2001 the European Parliament and the Council adopted the Recommendation providing for minimum criteria for environmental inspections (RMCEI). The purpose of the RMCEI is to strengthen compliance with, and to contribute to a more consistent implementation and enforcement of Community environmental law in all Member States. The RMCEI establishes guidelines for environmental inspections of installations, other enterprises and facilities whose air emissions, water discharges or waste disposal or recovery activities are subject to authorisation, permit or licensing requirements under Community law ('controlled installations'). All inspecting authorities in the Member States should apply these guidelines. They concern amongst others minimum criteria on establishing and evaluating plans for environmental inspections.

In 2006 the Netherlands (VROM Inspectorate) led an IMPEL Comparison Programme “Doing the right things” I. One of the main aims of this project was to explore how inspection authorities set priorities with regard to their tasks and activities, being one of the key steps in setting up inspection plans. An important project recommendation was to develop a practical guide on planning of environmental inspections, that would be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the different needs of the inspection authorities in the IMPEL Member Countries and at the same time would enable them to comply with the requirements of the RMCEI.

This project recommendation was implemented in a succeeding project Doing the right things II. The guidance book aims at helping practitioners to answer the basic questions any inspecting authority has do deal with when setting up an inspection plan.

-- Download the step-by step guidance book for planning of environmental inspection here.


INSYS is a tool developed by the authorities of Cologne District (Germany), under the IMPEL project Doing the Right Things. It was designed to help inspectorates determine the frequency of inspections needed for IPPC installations and, thus, contribute to better inspection planning and more efficient work programmes.

More specifically, INSYS offers:

  • Transparent risk calculations of industrial installations or sites
  • Support of the member countries specific inspection planning
  • Many languages - easy to translate
  • Internet based

Please note that only the versions in English, French, German and Macedonian are proof read. The Italian and Dutch versions are only roughly translated and still constitute work in progress. Questions regarding this software or requests for translation should be addressed directly to: Mr. Horst Büther.

You can download here the multilingual software or the Macedonian version. You can also download the flyer of the project easyTools “risk assessment in inspection planning”. In this project the flexibility of the software and the internet application will be improved.



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