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ECENA Secretariat

Mihail Dimovski
Senior Project Manager/Topic Area Leader

Aniko Nemeth
Project Manager

Magdolna Szabo
Project Officer

Bruno Mesquita
Project Officer

The Regional Environmental Center for Central and Eastern Europe
Ady Endre ut 9-11
2000 Szentendre
Tel: (36-26) 504-000
Fax: (36-26) 311-294

Network plenary meetings

Annual meeting of all ECENA members

Regional training programmes

Training for key personnel, helping them to spread know-how in their home countries

Exchange programmes

Informal trainings featuring roundtable discussions, the sharing of experience and practical approaches to enforcement

Peer reviews (under 2003-2006 BERCEN)

Assisting countries to identify and analyse potential weaknesses in implementing environmental legislation

Study tours

Visits to third-party countries to gain understanding of how a national environmental protection system works

Participation in international meetings

Participation of ECENA members in the events of sister networks

National Trainings

Trainings held in the beneficiary countries and in the local language


Collection of useful documents